The European Continental Breakfast

A Delicious Assortment Of Fresh Baked
Bagels, Muffins, Danish, Donuts, Croissants
and Coffee Cakes Displayed On A Platter
With Butter, Assorted Cream Cheeses And
Fruity Preserves.  Includes Fresh Cut
Seasonal Fruit Salad And Chilled Assorted
Fruit Juices.
                                                         $8 pp
The Presidential Salmon Display

Delicate Smoked Salmon Sliced Paper
Thin And Whitefish Salad Displayed With
Capers, Lemon Wedges, Sliced Vine
Ripe Tomatoes And Sliced Sweet Red
Onion.  Served With Assorted Cream
Cheese, Butter & Fresh Baked Bagels.
Parisian Gourmet Croissants
An Assortment From Our Favorite Specialty
Filled Miniature Croissants:
- Roast Beef Pilled High With Brie Cheese
Date Nut Bread with Low Fat Cream
Cheese and Pineapple Spread
Cold Beverages
orange, grapefruit, cranberry and apple juices
individual whole, skim and chocolate milk
assorted sodas, iced teas and waters
Hot Beverages
apple cider, hot chocolate, flavored coffees
espresso and cappuccino service available
Fresh Fruit
sliced fresh fruit platter, basket or salad,
pink grapefruit and raspberry salad,
yellow grapefruit and strawberry salad,
minted fruit salad, assorted berry mélange, tropical
fruit salad summer melon ball salad
Great Beginnings
20- Person Minimum Order For Breakfast




Sit Down Service

Picnics & BBQ


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